Looking for the right home Loan?

The right mortgage advice can make a huge difference to your life.

Our experienced mortgage brokers are able to find the right loan to fit your specific requirements and they will guide you through the entire home buying and mortgage process.

They will save you time, effort, stress and money

An Interactive Mortgage and Finance Broker will:

Assess your loan options and provide comparisons with a number of lenders

Complete all the paperwork and work closely with your preferred lender

Your IMF broker will take the stress out of the process for you

Look at ways to save you money and support you from your first meeting

What type of home loan are you looking for?

First Home Buyer
We understand that buying your first home can be a stressful time – we are here to help you choose the home loans which works best for you.

Refinancing your Home Loan
If you want to refinance your home loan then your IMF mortgage broker can help. We will talk to you about the right option for your specific circumstances.

Moving house
Do you need help with what you can afford, how to move from one loan to the next, need bridging finance? We are here to help you every step of the way.

Buying an Investment Property
If you are looking at purchasing your first or second investment property your IMF Broker can help they are here to offer expert advice in the best way to structure your loan portfolio.

All Interactive Mortgage & Finance (IMF) brokers are licensed to provide you with advice about your home loan.

Your IMF Broker will work for you, they can assist with any of your financing needs. You will find their knowledge, experience and personal knowledge invaluable.

Best of all they will;

  • Listen to your needs
  • Compare the most suitable loans from a vast array of lenders
  • Provide you with expert advice so that you feel confident about your decisions
  • Handle it all for you from start to finish


We are pleased to offer to you and your business that we can now arrange Lease, Commercial Hire Purchase and Chattel Mortgage Finance Facilities.

With a detailed knowledge of your financial situation and understanding your business goals we can provide you with professional advice on all of your motor vehicle and equipment finance options. This includes the correct advice relating to GST and taxation implications associated with these products.

Equipment that can be financed:

  • Motor Vehicles
  • Buses
  • Heavy Transport
  • Earthmoving and construction equipment
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Computers and Office equipment
  • Refinancing of maturing residual/balloon payments
  • Plus more!

Some of the benefits flowing from us arranging your finance include:

  • A simple application process…We know who you are and your financial position which enables us to seek a quick approval.
  • Confidentially- we have control of your financial information which means your financial details are not sent to unknown third parties.
  • We can arrange a pre–approved Line of Credit for your future equipment finance requirements…saving you the hassle of the application process at the point you are ready to purchase…just arrange delivery!
  • The most sensible approach- finance your equipment and motor vehicle assets outside your current banking sources. This will avoid tying up your valuable real estate equity and existing banking facilities.


We provide a broad panel of lenders so our aligned brokers have the capacity to provide finance solutions for all types of business and personal finance needs.All types of Business Loans include;

Business purchases
Whether you are starting or investing in your business we can access a wide range of Business Loans

Working Capital
Provides cash flow relief with funds to cover business expenses

Debtor Finance
Providing needed cash flow using your outstanding invoices

Business Equipment
Buy or lease a vehicle or plant and equipment and help you take advantage of potential tax benefits

Agri Business
Long or short term borrowings including livestock financing needs

Loan products can be tailored for approved franchisees.

There are a range of rates available for Business clients, we will assess your options and seek to find the most appropriate loan for you. Let us assist you to grow your company or finance a business initiative, with the flexibility of a wide range of options and lenders to secure you a great deal. It is important you choose the right loan structure for your business, including the selected loan term. An IMF broker will discuss your specific options with you and work to achieve the best outcome for your business. You will choose from:

Fixed Rate Loans
Provides the borrower with certainty of repayment options

Variable Rate Loans
Gives flexibility to redraw funds paid above the minimum repayment

Business Lines of Credit
Long term debt facility suites business expansion

Secured or Unsecured Loans

Different security options are available and could be one security or a combination of; Residential and Commercial Property or the Business itself. Whether the loan you are looking for is large or small, let our experienced brokers do the work for you. They know and understand an extensive range of lender and bank requirements. Most of all they recognize your time is valuable and take the stress out of shopping around to find the right loan.

An Interactive Mortgage & Finance Broker will:

  • Help you understand your finance options
  • Assess your specific needs and situation
  • Compare packages from a panel of highly competitive lenders
  • Work to find you the right loan; and
  • Manage the process from start to finish