Our History

Our journey began approximately thirty-five years ago as a dealer group dedicated to servicing financial advisers whom specialise in life insurance. Over the years additional groups were acquired, consolidated and an underlying infrastructure built, introducing new services and forming a solid financial foundation for the future.

On 30th June 2020, American based Genesis Financial Inc. acquired the Group. Genesis is a diversified global financial services company, with a focus on Fintech-powered Wealth Management and D2C Lending Platforms. Here in Australia, Genesis also acquired Ballast Holdings Pty Ltd and Cosight Financial Limited.


Then in November 2021, Genesis acquired SMC Entertainment Inc (SMC). SMC is a versatile holding company that is focused on acquisition and support of proven commercialised financial services and technology (fintech) companies.

The combined Group plans to list on the Nasdaq and represents a comprehensive range of financial planning, mortgage broking, accounting and taxation advice and solutions for investors and small-to-medium businesses. Its services include tax planning and structuring, management and cash flow reporting, tax returns and ASIC compliance, including SMSF specialisation and can also assist with buying and selling businesses.


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  • A dynamic, agile full-service business model that provides internal cross-selling solutions
  • A flexible ‘friendly’ attitude to meeting the needs of financial service/product providers
  • A professional culture that promotes individual commercial success
  • Pro-active support from management, efficient service and reliable infrastructure
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  • Proactive coaching, training and education with ‘outside the box’ advice
  • Compliance which includes a State-of-the-Art third-party auditing system
  • Adherence to industry best practice and compliance standards
  • Strong and established external relationships (i.e. preferred partners and others)
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  • Increase in bottom-line revenue with commissions paid weekly
  • High client attraction/retention
  • Potential Acquisition, Succession Funding & Planning
  • Equity Participation Program


Our size and ownership allows us to be innovative and flexible in the market. We seek to proactively identify early market trends and have products and services ready to meet the market, when it arrives.

Our compliance culture is firm, but practical. We attempt to be commercial regarding compliance, adhering to rigid rules, but guiding and working with practices in managing implementation and responding to industry and market change.

We embrace an open architecture and do not mandate any product, platform nor system. Provided Authorised Representatives are operating within the Approved Product List, they are free to promote and use whichever products, platforms or services that are in their client’s best interest.

Finally, we are keen to work with you in building your business, introducing diverse income streams, either direct or through associate referral partners and generating new or additional lead sources. Funding for approved acquisitions and/or succession planning is potentially available.

The success of NextGen is built on the success of our Authorised Representatives. Our model starts with you. You are central to our relationship. It’s all about you! We are committed to driving the success of our Authorised Representatives and wish to partner with them, providing an equal opportunity to participate in the success of NextGen through a generous Equity Participation program.

If you are serious about growing your business then we will be serious about you.


NEXTGEN Pty Ltd is a Group of Companies that provides financial services via its various channels to the investments, broking and insurance conscious members of the public.

Our Corporate structure is illustrated below and illustrates that is has been out resolute decision to cater for and provide a broader spread of unique  NEXTGEN financial products and services. We believe as a consequence of our approach we can provide “the complete package” to our ultimate participant – “the end client”.

NEXTGEN provides financial advice specialists with the all resources required to operate a commercially successful operation. Advice specialists are supported with an unrestricted, compliance and ‘advisor friendly’ environment. The infrastructure, flexible product range and broad advice parameters allow advice specialists to meet client needs, provide comprehensive client solutions and an opportunity to generate consistent.

IMF provides finance and mortgage brokers with all the resources needed to operate efficiently and successfully. A broad panel of lenders allow brokers direct access to all major lenders and a select number of non-conforming lenders. Aligned brokers have the capacity to provide finance solutions for all types of needs through stream- lined processes, which ultimately leads to consistent revenue outcomes.

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