Our Mission

(What we do every day)
Every day we strive to develop professional advisers and guide them towards building best practice businesses they are proud of.

Our Vision

(What we are striving to become)
Through our resilience, care, and commitment to exceed customer expectations, we will become Australia’s leading Financial Services Licensee.

Our Values

(How we will achieve our vision)
Honesty / Integrity / Trustworthiness / Ethics / Respect


Open Architecture


NextGen does not mandate products, platforms or services. Advisers select whatever is in the best interest of their clients.

Tailored Development


Management have over 100 years collective industry experience and all key staff are qualified by education and industry experience. Advisers are invited to participate in tailored practice development programs designed to generate business growth, improve efficiency, and increase profit/practice value.

Technology Focus


NextGen embraces technology and understands the importance of how state of the art systems and processes assist in generating leads, refining results and achieving outcomes. NextGen utilises proven, reliable and functionally driven software and IT resources. Chosen technology is innovative, flexible and has capacity for scale, this is in line with the growth plans of the Group.

Customer Service


NextGen prides itself on its customer service ethic and application. As such staff avail themselves to provide a high-level service experience to clients at all times. Staff are often on-hand to provide assistance to clients outside of the norm.


Each subsidiary operates as an entity in their own right, however, the Group has the unique flexibility to enable the entities to act as ‘One’, thereby injecting, knowledge, experience and a special form of “uniqueness” into the ‘One’ operation. We like to refer to this uniqueness as “Cross Pollination” whereby infusing fertility, vigour, growth, service and advice into any given project “at hand”.


We are dedicated to helping you achieve your ultimate business desire – to flourish as a sustainable business in any market condition with the support of a group that provides a seamless system for you to operate – creating an experience for your clients that is ‘second to none’. We provide Authorised Representatives with comprehensive procedural manuals, associated templates and ongoing training to support and guide you in meeting your legislative obligations.


Few people in their working years have the time required to do a good job of managing their finances, especially in such crucial areas as debt management and control of their overall financial situation.

A NextGen financial adviser encourages clients to make time to review their overall financial picture and will provide efficient structures that make it easy to save and invest.

NextGen’s scope of advice covers a wide spectrum and is underpinned by a simple philosophy: we meet needs.

Here is how you, as a NextGen adviser, will be able to help your clients:

  • Assess their current situation
  • Identify their needs and goals and offer a portfolio of options with which to meet them
  • Develop wealth creation and protection strategies
  • Structure and implement strategies
  • Manage the ongoing risk in their whole portfolio
  • Adjust their portfolio at different stages of their life
  • Keep them focused on their long-term goals

We believe that the true value of good advice is in the peace of mind and security that comes from being prepared for the future and making smart informed financial decisions along the way.

And that is exactly what we enable NextGen Advisers to provide.


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  • A dynamic, agile full-service business model that provides internal cross-selling solutions
  • A flexible ‘friendly’ attitude to meeting the needs of financial service/product providers
  • A professional culture that promotes individual commercial success
  • Pro-active support from management, efficient service and reliable infrastructure
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  • Proactive coaching, training and education with ‘outside the box’ advice
  • Compliance which includes a State-of-the-Art third-party auditing system
  • Adherence to industry best practice and compliance standards
  • Strong and established external relationships (i.e. preferred partners and others)
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  • Increase in bottom-line revenue with commissions paid weekly
  • High client attraction/retention
  • Potential Acquisition, Succession Funding & Planning
  • Equity Participation Program